Salitos Tequila beer – unlimited tastes pleasure in one bottle

SALITOS Tequila: The iconic mix of tart Tequilas with South American citrus fruits combined in mild lager beer is an indispensable part of the bar and lounge world. But since 2019, SALITOS has also provided another drink for beer fans with its Latin American Cerveza. The light lager beer SALITOS Cerveza Beer is characterized by its sweet-malty note and tastes best iced.

But not only beer lovers get their money’s worth at SALITOS. For cocktail fans, SALITOS Ice is the right choice. The fruity-fresh lemon flavor mixed with sweet fruit wine is ice-cooled an absolute highlight after work.

Those who like it even more fruity, rely on SALITOS Blue. The exciting mix of fruity cocktail paired with blueberry flavor is an absolute highlight both in terms of taste and appearance due to its bright blue color.

Especially innovative: the varieties SALITOS Tequila, SALITOS Ice and SALITOS Blue are not only available in classic bottleneck but also in trendy aluminum bottles. That’s why the favorite SALITOS drink can be conveniently enjoyed even at events that otherwise have a ban on the glass.

SALITOS brand being popular more and more among Polish consumers, due to the strong visibility in many famous On Trade venues such as Nightclubs, Dance Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, and hotels.

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