Salitos – From the beginning of a classic. Today a legend

In this article, we will present the common SALITOS bottles and will provide basic information about them.


With a twist of Tequila, lime taste and a splatter of lemon. SALITOS Tequila combines the mild beer with the light hint of lime and the ever-popular tequila to a true classic. In the practical 0.33-liter bottle, SALITOS Tequila is the proven soft drink on the go. The alcohol content of 5.9% vol. provides the best mood for getting started at the weekend or in the deserved after-work hours.

SALITOS Tequila considered the most enjoyable soft beer among the other brand’s bottles. The cozy round of friends with one or more bottles of beer may also have a special kick on holiday or at the party. Of course, it can always fit to increase the fun during nightclubs tours and while parting in the best dance clubs in Warsaw.

What is better than the fresh Tequila flavor of SALITOS Tequila? This is the perfect mix for long nights! The fresh classic among beer mix drinks. The full experience is best served ice-cold. A mixture for the ultimate taste, SALITOS Tequila tastes not only from the bottle but also in Margarita glass – as Sarita! The unique mixture of beer and margarita with the extra shot of lime juice and vodka, also like 9 MILE, definitely spice up every night in every nightclub or best bar you will, hang out.


With the special taste of the South American lemon on the first swallow: Simply perfect. SALITOS ICE with an alcohol content of 5.2% vol. brings the full taste into the bottle and shows how aromatic the taste of South American limes really is. The fine carbon dioxide and a fine tart note provide sparkling refreshment. This balanced recipe also has a few extras that unfold optimally, especially when chilled. So SALITOS ICE is perfect for pure beach feeling and hot party nights to consume in every best nightclub you are partying or even in each best bar you are enjoying with friends in Warsaw.


With an alcohol content of 5.0% vol. we can enjoy a full taste from the pure Aroma fresh berries the blue wander. SALITOS BLUE shows in its bright blue all the passion for the sea and its South American homeland. The full taste of fresh berries and the fine aroma give a unique refreshing experience. The extra kick in the seductive blue, which emphasizes the freshness and pure fruitiness: SALITOS BLUE shows at first glance the passion for the perfect taste.


Light and highly custom bearing beer with malty-sweet spices and elegant corn and citrus notes. Malty-sweet spicy aromas and elegant corn and citrus notes take the consumer back to the first South American brew kettle in the late 1940s – the year of origin of SALITOS. SALITOS Cerveza will certainly be the beer of the coming summer. It’s a perfectly rounded button, the retro-chic look and the whole South American way of life spray with enthusiasm, and so the beer simply tastes of more and sea. Viva la Revolución! Viva SALITOS Cerveza.

SALITOS Cerveza Beer is the insider tip for the summer. A holiday, a fun evening or a long party in the best nightclub in Poland with friends cannot be imagined without the right beer. In SALITOS Cerveza Beer you’ll find the perfect blend of joie de vivre, fun and relaxation with a taste to remember – a lager with potential for lover! Proven beer taste with new flavors makes SALITOS Cerveza Beer, not just a tasty lager. The malty-sweet spicy flavors and the balanced corn and citrus notes take you on a journey to South America in the 1940s.

The nostalgic feeling and the impression that you are standing on the first brewing kettle yourself are reinforced by the retro-chic design of the 0.33-liter bottle. From the tradition and modern liveliness creates a convincing package that makes you want more – for maximum enjoyment, extra freshness, and lightness. For this, SALITOS Cerveza Beer is best enjoyed ice-cold with a slice of lemon. Then the South American attitude to life is perfect and every holiday and every party an adventure of the extra class! On your next visit to one of the best bars in Warsaw, or during your partying in the best clubs in Poland, make sure you are having the right toast of the finest cold beer bottle. 

SALITOS Tequila Alu edition

SALITOS Tequila from the aluminum bottle – the pure joy of life. In South America are exuberant evenings with friends and long party nights with friends a tradition. SALITOS Tequila brings the feeling of well-being home, because: Life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest. The popular mixed beer drink with that certain something must not be missing on holiday or at the party. In fact, and due to the exclusive Aluminum bottle, this type of SALITOS beer become very popular among party people and served in the best nightclubs in Europe. Lately, this special edition can be found in exclusive clubs and bars in Warsaw, after being launched in level 27 rooftop club, considered as one of the famous clubs in the Polish nightlife scene.

Taste that speaks for itself, we can call this great and unique beer brand. SALITOS Tequila combines mild beer with exciting tequila flavor. The light citrus note gives the invigorating portion of freshness. So, the South American attitude to life can be tasted with every sip. The practical 0.33-liter aluminum bottle delights with the trendy skull optics and is particularly stable. This is nothing more in the way of extensive outdoor activities and celebrations!

Even more freshness with SALRITA Tequila Classic, SALITOS Tequila is pure pleasure. However, the classic is also in trendy combinations. With an extra splash of lime, some tequila from Cazcabel and lots of ice cream, the beer mix drink turn into a SALRITA – the usual taste in an ice-cold margarita form!