In solidarity with Ukraine

level 27 stands for peace in Europe and emphasizing its solidarity with the Ukrainian nation. level 27 is an entertainment venue located in Warsaw, represented by a firm registered in Poland, a NATO member country. On behalf of the level 27 team and the management board, we are strongly condemning the Russian military aggression and invasion of Ukraine.

We believe that in the modern age, there is no place in the global community for fascism, imperialism, and military invasions of independent countries. level 27 and its team contribute and donate to Ukraine in different channels and ways.

As well as the majority of the Polish nation and residents, we are emphasizing our support in Ukraine’s fight for peace and protection of its territory and citizens.

We are blessing and strengthening the hands and actions of the defense forces of the Ukrainian army. We also appreciate and bless The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces scattered around the world.

We believe and cherish the NATO alliance as a defensive alliance whose purpose is to ensure regional peace, stability, and security for the citizens of the alliance and its neighbors. We all hope for regional peace and the strengthening of the state of Ukraine as a friendly, stable and protected neighboring country.

From here we send hope to the people of Ukraine who are fighting for the peace of their people and the unity of their country. We are participating in the grief of many Ukrainian families who have lost their loved ones and send wishes of recovery to the Ukrainian’s wounded citizens and soldiers.

We wish all the millions of Ukrainian refugees, who have been forced to leave their homes and families, to be able to return as early as possible to their homeland and restore their life routine in peace and prosperity.

Hoping for true regional peace.