FAQ level 27 Warsaw

Does level 27 Warsaw rooftop bar safe? Yes, level 27 considered to be the safest nightclub among others in all Polish nightlife scene. Our managers and security team are trained to protect guests and insure a pleasant and safety nightclub atmosphere.

Does level 27 club monitor with security cameras? Yes. For the sacking of safety and security of all our guests and employees, our venue recorded by dozens of security cameras.

I am an english speaking person, will I meet people who speak my language in level 27 rooftop? Yes, level 27 is the favorite rooftop nightclub for Polish guests, we are welcoming guests from all over the world. Actually, level 27 considered to be the first choice for tourists visiting Warsaw, among other nightlife venues and attractions Warsaw can offer. Coming to the party you can be sure that you will find people that speaks your language.

Does level 27 Warsaw rooftop is a tourist’s oriental venue? Yes, all our team including managers, bartender, waitresses, door policy and security speak English. level 27 is a very well-known rooftop among many guests from all over the world. 

Does the level 27 club serve food? No. We serve a set of salty snacks to be choose from level 27 menu. Based on a prior demand of guests that reserve a table, we can order a fine catering for the comfort of our guests. 

What type of music you play in level 27 Warsaw? Our DJs and artist playing variety of genre includes Mainstream songs, RNB, Hip Hop, House, Deep House music, and more.

What kind of DJ’s and artist performing in level 27 nightclub? We host the finest and most famous local Polish DJ’s and artists. We also hosted well-known international artists such as: The Magician (DJ Stephen Fasano), Michael Calfan, Kelli-Leigh, Boogie Pimps, Philip George, and more. DJs from many countries and cities already perform in level 27 such from: Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Budapest, New York, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and more.

What is the connection between level 27 Warsaw rooftop bar and other nightlife organizations? level 27 is an official gold member of the INA (International Nightlife Association) and awarded by the WFC (World’s Finest Clubs) association. level 27 have tight relationships with the international and local Polish nightlife industry leaders, while cooperating on a routine basis to develop the nightlife field, improve the guests experience, the nightlife customer services and making the nightclubs more safety and secure for the employees and clubbers.

What awards does level 27 Warsaw rooftop hold? Placed on the list of The WORLD’S 100 BEST CLUBS for 2018 and 2019, published by International Nightlife Association. The CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE for 2017, 2018, and 2019 from Tripadvisor. 2020 and 2021 Tripadvisor’s top award “Travelers’ Choice”. Entered the list of “The 50 Best Rooftop Bars In Europe” by Big 7 Travel on year 2019 and 2021. Gold member of INA (International Nightlife Association).

Do I must make a reservation to get inside the club? No. We do not manage entry tickets reservations for regular weekend’s events. Tickets can be purchased when arriving to the venue. But a table booking must be made through our reservation department prior to the visit.

What is then price of entry ticket? Entry ticket for regular weekend event costs 40 PLN and payment will be made when guests arriving the venue. Price may change based on a special occasions and events.

Can I take landscape view city photos from the level 27 Warsaw terrace? Yes. Guests that enter to level 27 Warsaw club can take photos of the downtown night lights from the terrace Skyscraper without any restrictions.

I want to organize my birthday celebration in level 27 Warsaw club, how can I do it? Please contact level 27 Warsaw club reservation department while sending your inquiry to: reservation@club27.club

I am trying to reserve a table, but the reservation department or guest’s manager inform me that all tables already sold out. What should I do? We are deeply recommending to reserve tables sooner as possible to the expected arriving date, to avoid situation of luck of available tables in the club. In that case, please feel free to arrive to our venue and ask our guests manager for any solution that can be suggested for you, to enjoy bottle service in a comfort table.

What is the price of reserving a sofa and table in level 27 club? Reserving tables and sofas at level 27 Warsaw rooftop bar not cost any money. When booking a box, the guests are requested to fulfil a minimum orders bill. All order can be made by choosing any products from our menu.

Does service payment is obligated? No. When ordering drinks from the bar, the decision of paying service to the team belong to the guest. Unless you order bottle from the bar or seating in a table, then you are obligated to pay 10% service to the service provider – bartender or waitress.

What payment methods do you accept? During visit in level 27 guests can pay with Debit / Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and cash. For table reservations guests required to pay in advance to the visit by Debit / Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal and wire bank transfers.

I want to complain about the service I got, how do I do that? Our team making a lot of efforts to insure the highest service to each guest. But we are not perfect, and we understand that we cannot satisfy all guests. In case you would like to submit a complaint in any topic, please send it to our activity manager to the email: anna.m@club27.club

I would like to speak with manager during my visit at level 27 Warsaw rooftop, to who I need to speak with? Please ask (during your visit in our venue) any service provider you see (a waitress, bartender, runner, barback, cleaning, security, etc.) that you would like to speak with the shift manager, and they will assist you.

Does level 27 Warsaw open during wintertime? Yes. level 27 Warsaw open the rooftop for guests all year. 

Does level 27 Warsaw venue is covered during wintertime? Our Warsaw rooftop contains inside area and open terrace area. Both areas are open and available for our guests during summer and winter.

Does level 27 club have cloak room service? Yes. level 27 offer to its guest’s cloak room service with no charge, for free. Guests can deliver their jackets and coats to the service employee for their comfort.

I lost an item during my last visit in level 27, what should I do? In case you lose an item during your last visit, please contact us by sending an email to reservation@club27.club. In your inquiry, please specify as much as possible information such: the date of visit, description of the item, photos (if exists) and any other relevant information that will help us to identify your lost item.

I forgot my jacket at the cloakroom during my last visit, how do I get it back? Contact our guest’s manager by phone +48-733-661-094 or send us an email to reservation@club27.club, and describe your jacket including color, brand, size, cloak room number you have, etc., and coordinate your item-picking arrival hour and date with our guest’s manager.

What types of membership club cards you offer? Member club card, Friend club card, VIP club card, Platinum VIP club card.

What are the difference and benefits of each type of level 27 club cards? Each club card entitles the club card holder for several benefits. For example, the Platinum VIP club card entitles the club card holder to skip the entry line, enter for free (for the cardholder and his/her friends) to all regular nightlife events and enjoy 25% discount on all orders. Full description of each club card benefits you can find in the club cards page, on level 27 dance club website.

How do I get the level 27 club membership card? Membership club card can be given upon request of guest, inquires can be sent to: reservation@club27.club. Platinum VIP club card, VIP club card & Friends club cards are only awarded on a discretionary basis by level 27 Managers, to loyal guests of level 27 who visiting us often.

What is Platinum VIP level 27 club card? The metal Platinum VIP level 27 club card is the top prestige membership club card. The cards reserved and provided to level 27’s most honored and loyal guests.

VIP table in level 27 Warsaw, what does it mean? Guests who made reservations for the VIP boxes in level 27 Warsaw club, benefit of skipping the entrance line, free entry to the club, premium comfort sofas, top table location next to DJ and dance floor and unique bottle service ritual.

level 27 Warsaw club guests list, what you need to know: in specific weekend’s events, guests who their names appearing in the guests list are benefit of free entry to the weekend event, the entrance for guests list if free of charge.

What guests age allowed at level 27 Warsaw club? All guests, without any exception must be 18+ to get inside the level 27 Warsaw rooftop. The management of the Warsaw nightclub and the door policy team are very strict on this issue and no exceptional cases will be approved regarding the age of the guests. To avoid any inconvenience situation, we recommend arriving to the nightclub with an official valid document that can confirm the guests age above 18.

Can guests smoke in level 27 rooftop? Smoking allowing only in dedicated smoking zones on the terrace part of the venue. Cigarette smoking is forbidden inside the venue.

Can guests smoke Shisha / Hookah / Fajka in the club? Yes. level 27 Warsaw club shisha / Hookah is considered as very quality, and guests can enjoy it in all venue sections.

What is the price of sheesha / Hookah in level 27 rooftop? Prices of ordering shisha on the rooftop is between 110 PLN – 250 PLN.

Can guests smoke electronic cigarettes in level 27 rooftop? Yes. 

What is the house Vodka in level 27 rooftop? The house Vodka of level 27 Warsaw club is Absolut Elyx Vodka. The Vodka Absolut Elyx considered as a top super premium spirit with 42.3% Alc. Guests can choose bottles sizes based on demand: Absolut Elyx 0.7 litters, Absolut Elyx 1.75 litters (Magnum bottle), Absolut Elyx 1.75 litters (Nite Edition Luminous Prestige Magnum bottle), Absolut Elyx 3 litters (Jeroboam bottle), Absolut Elyx 4.5 litters (Rehoboam bottle). level 27 Warsaw club considered the no. 1 best seller of Absolut Elyx super premium vodka among all other Polish nightlife venues.

What is the house aperitif in level 27 Warsaw? level 27 house aperitif is Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif 15% Alc. Pampelle is a premium French aperitif made of Ruby Red Grapefruits and infused with the highest quality citrus peels, sourced from around the world including dried Yuzu, Cedrat and Bigarade. Pampelle Spritz consider as the most demeaned drink in level 27 Warsaw club during summer seasons.  

What is Pampelle? Pampelle is a premium aperitif spirit made in France. Pampelle made of fine Ruby red grapefruits as the main component and have 15% Alc.

Where to buy Pampelle in Poland? Pampelle aperitif can be consumed in level 27 Warsaw rooftop and in other premium nightlife venues in Warsaw, Poland. Pampelle bottles can be purchased from the distributor in Poland through the distributor website.

Does Pampelle taste like Aperol? Pampelle considered as a premium aperitif and its taste similar to Aperol and Campari. However, Pampelle become more and more famous among bartenders and spirits opinion leaders in Poland since it has 30% less sugar compared to the current aperitif spirits in the market and its taste as a Pampelle Spritz cocktail much tasty while served on main nightlife Polish bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

What is the price of Pampelle and Pampelle Spritz? level 27 rooftop menu price for Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif portion is 22 PLN. A bottle of Pampelle Aperitif cost 390 PLN. The famous and most demanded Pampelle Spritz cocktail cost 32 PLN.

What is the house champagne in level 27? The house champagne in level 27 rooftop is G.H. Mumm. Our guests can enjoy champagne. Bottle sizes based on demand: Champagne G.H. Mumm Ice 0.75 litters, Champagne G.H. Mumm 1.5 litters (Magnum bottle), Champagne G.H. Mumm 3 litters (Jeroboam bottle), Champagne G.H. Mumm 6 litters (Methuselah bottle), Champagne G.H. Mumm 9 litters (Salmanazar bottle). level 27 considered the no. 1 best seller of G.H. Mumm champagne among all other Polish nightlife venues.

What is Grand Cocktail? Grand cocktail served in level 27 bar and contain 150 cl of premium cocktail based on guest’s taste. The grand cocktail served with a luxuries copper flamingo service tool. level 27 guests can choose the following Grand Cocktail types: GRANDE Cuba Libre, GRANDE Margarita Strawberry, GRANDE Lynchburg Lemonade, GRANDE Long Island Iced Tea, GRANDE Pornstar Martini.

I would like to make photo shooting in level 27 rooftop, with who I can contact? For any type of photo shooting activities, please contact our marketing manager by sending an inquiry to: Lena.m@club27.club

I would like to promote my brand in level 27 rooftop, with who I should contact? For any type of marketing collaborations and sponsorship activities, please contact our marketing manager by sending an inquiry to: Lena.m@club27.club

I would like to organize an event in level 27 or to rent the rooftop for private event purposes, with who I should contact? For the purposes of private events on the rooftop, venue renting, weddings on the rooftop, concerts, and business conferences on the rooftop, please contact our private events department by sending an inquiry to: lena.m@club27.club

I believe I have the skills, experience, and willingness to join level 27 rooftop team, how I can send my resume? level 27 rooftop always interesting to meet new, talented, ambitions, and good people and willing to check the possibility of extending the team. If you believe you can fit to level 27 rooftop needs, please send your CV to activity manager by email: Anna.m@club27.club 

Does level 27 club have good cocktails? level 27 rooftop bar is proud being ranked at the top of the polish nightlife scene by its tasty, quality, and huge variety of cocktails. level 27 serves unique cocktails such: French Negroni cocktail, Pampelle Spritz cocktail, Ruby Rose cocktail, Esprit de Mojito cocktail, Esprit Lemonade cocktail, and much more.

What are the cocktails prices in level 27 nightclub? Price of cocktails are between 26 PLN – 38 PLN.

What is the price of vodka bottle in level 27 nightclub? Vodka bottle price in level 27 rooftop start from 410 PLN.

What is the price of a bottle of champagne in level 27 dance club? Champagne bottle price in level 27 Warsaw rooftop start from 520 PLN.

Does level 27 night out expensive? No. Although level 27 dance club placed on the list best of nightclubs in the world and ranked among the top of the Polish nightlife scene and other clubs in Poland in particular, the entrance ticket cost 30 PLN, and the prices of drinks are considered inexpensive compared to the prices in other EU countries nightclubs.

Does Warsaw have interesting nightlife scene? Warsaw considered as a city with many nights out attractions including bars, dance bars, clubs, nightclubs, and night restaurants.

What hours and days level 27 Warsaw working? level 27 rooftop open its doors between 23:00 – 05:00 each Friday and Saturday.

Does level 27 open in Sylvester (NYE)? level 27 Warsaw club well known in its amazing and unique New Year’s Eve celebrations. Each NYE Sylvester, level 27 organized the most attracted event on the rooftop nightclub for guests coming from all over the world.

Does level 27 rooftop located in the center of Warsaw? level 27 located in the heart of Warsaw city center, Warsaw downtown, with easy access by cars and public transportation. 

Does level 27 Warsaw locate on the top floor of the tower? level 27 Warsaw rooftop bar located on the top floor of Atlas Tower on the 27th floor.

What is level 27 Warsaw nightclub dress code? Guests that arriving to level 27 rooftop are expected to come with a respectful night out outfit. Smart casual and elegant outfit are more than welcome. Suits, blazers, and high heels are not obligatory and will not guaranty the entrance to the Warsaw rooftop nightclub.

Can I bring my own alcohol to level 27 Warsaw club? No. Entrance with any beverages and spirits is forbidden.

During my last visit in level 27 Warsaw club the photographer took photos of me and my friends, where I can find that photo? level 27 uploading after each event photos to level 27 rooftop Facebook fan page. Please feel free to visit level 27 rooftop Facebook page to view photos from past events.