Rules of Level 27


  1. Club 27 limited liability company under the name level 27 having its registered office in Warsaw (02-017), at Al. Jerozolimskie 123A, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000510126, NIP no. 701-04-26-247, REGON no. 147237030, share capital PLN 5,000.00 hereinafter “Club” is a private place and represented only by the club’s management.
  2. The only official website of the Club is the website and the club is not responsible for any information posted on other websites.
  3. Guests participating in events organized by the Club automatically accept these regulations and agree to the free distribution of their image registered during events organized by the Club, in both static (photo) and dynamic (film) for marketing, promotional, image and information purposes of the Club. The consent is granted for an indefinite period and without territorial restrictions and covers all known fields of exploitation, in particular: displaying, reproducing, broadcasting and reemitting, and all other public and private publishing of a fixed image, especially on the Internet, television (terrestrial, cable, satellite), or on billboards / posters. The club is entitled to transfer the consent in question to its legal successor.
  4. If the guest participates in an event sponsored by third parties or implemented by the Club at the request of third parties, the guest, regardless of the consent referred to in point 3, also agrees to the conditions set out in point 3 to disseminate his image recorded by the third parties during the event.
  5. The consent set out in points 3 and 4 above also covers the dissemination of the image by other third parties as part of the broadcasting and public display of marketing materials, reportage and event information.


  1. Guests participating in events organized by the Club are obliged to read these regulations. Buying a ticket, making a reservation and entering the Club premises is synonymous with its acceptance.
  2. In order to ensure the Club’s safety and fun comfort, the Club reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who, by their appearance, clothing or behavior, does not meet the standards of the Club. This also applies to persons placed on specially written guest lists or with publicly available invitations / VIP cards or having a table reservation in the Club in advance.
  3. The “door policy” decides about the entry of people to the Club. “Door policy” or security guards of the club, have the right to refuse entry to the club without giving a reason.
  4. Guests under the age of 21 will not be admitted without identification, under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances and dressed inappropriately in relation to the dress code suggested for the event. A “door policy” or security guards has the right to identify a club guest in order to establish his identity and verify his age. The club reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit.
  5. The priority of entry to the premises is given to holders of VIP membership cards.
  6. For security reasons, the Club’s security guards have the right to refuse admission to the premises if the number of people in the Club exceeds the maximum number of people allowed to stay on the premises.
  7. Guests staying in the Club are obliged to comply with the recommendations of the Club staff and protection, aimed at ensuring safety and order.
  8. It is forbidden to bring to the club area:
        • Food,
        • Beverage,
        • Alcohol,
        • Intoxicants and other substances whose possession and distribution is prohibited by law,
        • Firearms and gas weapons,
        • Knives and other sharp objects,
        • Pyrotechnic articles and fire-hazardous materials,
        • Other objects that may pose a threat to the health or life of Club guests,
        • Animals
  1. The security guard has the right to search the contents of bags, backpacks and clothing. In the event of refusal to submit to control, the Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the Club.
  2. Guests behaving aggressively or posing a direct threat to other club guests, their property and Club property, in a state of intoxication, under the influence of intoxicants and their conduct in violation of the Club’s regulations will be asked from the premises.


  1. The club is open on:
        • Thursday from 18:00 to 2:00
        • Friday and Saturday from 23:00 to 6:00
  1. The club reserves the right to cancel the organized event without giving a reason. In this case, you will be entitled to a refund for previously purchased tickets or table reservation. The cancellation of the event does not entitle to any other claims.
  2. The club is not responsible for random events that may occur during the event, such as: fire, evacuation administered by the Police and Fire Brigade, catastrophe, bomb alarm and will not be obliged to refund money for tickets or compensation for other claims related to non-attendance or interruption of the event for the above-mentioned reasons.
  3. The closing time of the Club is determined according to the circumstances by the Club Manager.
  4. A fee is charged for entry to the Club. The organizer reserves the right to change the ticket price depending on the event.
  5. The fee for entering the club is not negotiable and it is not refunded in case of leaving the Club. The ticket is single-use, it is forbidden to transfer the ticket (band) to third parties.
  6. Information on the booking of seats and the applicable price list can be obtained by phone: 48 733-661-094 and e-mail: or via the Inquiry form on the website.
  7. Table reservations are valid until 23:30 on the day of the event. If the guest does not arrive at the agreed time the Club reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refunding the reservation amount paid.


  1. ​The club is a monitored facility.
  2. Club guests are required to strictly comply with Club indications and instructions and protection.
  3. ​In case of a drastic violation of Club regulations, security guards have the right to use the means provided for by law to immediately ensure security in the Club.
  4. In case of material damage in the Club, committing a misdemeanor or inappropriate behavior, the security guards have the right to apprehend the perpetrator and immediately transfer it to the Police. The perpetrator of the destruction, or the person responsible for it, is responsible for the damage done to the Club.
  5. ​Persons committing the destruction of the Club’s property shall be financially and criminal responsibility.
  6. In case of damage to club equipment, the payment or the compensation will be paid on the spot and immediately with no delay.
  7. ​It is forbidden to organize promotional campaigns, commercials, and fundraising without the permission of the Club’s management. ​
  8. ​It is forbidden to use the Club’s equipment that is not in accordance with the purpose, for example, to enter poufs, tables, sofas or DJ equipment.
  9. It is forbidden to go outside the Club with items owned by the Club, e.g. glasses, cups, coolers, etc.
  10. Club staff reserves the right to remove glasses, bottles and the like left in places where they may pose a threat to other people.
  11. ​The club is not liable for damage caused to property or person, including in the area adjacent to the Club or within it.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in the club, with the exception of specially marked and adapted places for smokers – Landscape Terrace. Guests staying in these places voluntarily agree to be in a smoking area.
  13. Club guests acknowledge that they may be exposed to continuous sound intensity zones that may damage their hearing.
  14. Club staff has the right to refuse to give alcohol to a person who is under the influence of alcohol.
  15. According to art. 15. Point 2 of the Club staff are obliged to refuse to sell alcohol to a minor.
  16. The club is not responsible for items left or lost on the premises of the Club.


        • Members: free entry for the cardholder + 1 person / no discount
        • Friends: free entry for cardholder + 3 persons / 10% discount
        • VIP: free entry for the cardholder and his guests / 20% discount
  1. The card should be signed on the back before first use. Each time entering the party the cardholder must show the membership card with ID card to verify identity. The lack of a card means that the guest cannot take advantage of the privileges associated with club membership.
  2. The club card is personal and should not be passed on to third parties.
  3. The club reserves the right to take back the club card from its holder if it violates the rules.
  4. The discount does not apply to products covered by promotion, tobacco products, and energy drinks. The club card was issued by Club 27 Sp. z o.o. and remains his property.


  1. The cloakroom in the Club is obligatory.
  2. A fee of PLN 50 applies for a lost or damaged number.
  3. The club does not keep any valuable items in the cloakroom and does not take responsibility for the valuables, documents, electronic equipment, payment cards, etc. left in the cloakroom.
  4. The cloakroom worker does not accept clothes from several people for common storage.
  5. The basis for the issue of stored clothing is a number which is the property of the club.
  6. The cloakroom worker is not obliged to verify the identity of the person receiving the clothing.
  7. In case of a lost number, items will be released after the end of the event or at another date agreed with the club manager.
  8. For the items left in the Club, the Club is not responsible.
  9. Left items in the cloakroom can be stored up to 7 days.
  10. The club is liable for clothes left in the locker room and lost by the Club’s fault up to PLN 300.
  11. We strongly recommend to not deliver to storage valuable items.
  12. Guest leaving items in the locker room accepts the regulations.


  1. The Regulations in the above wording are valid from 22/05/2019 until the day of its modification or cancellation.
  2. The content of these regulations is available on the Club’s website referred to in point 2 of the section and at the reception & Door Policy of the club.