Salitos beer brand enter to level 27 rooftop club

When Mexican temperament meets lively citrus freshness, fun is guaranteed in a class of its own: the SALITOS brand, therefore, combines the South American concept with holiday feelings and a summery party mood.

The wide product range of SALITOS not only convinces beer or tequila lovers with refreshing lifestyle drinks – from fresh fruit cocktails to light lager beer, SALITOS offers both relaxed sundowners and faithful companions for long party nights. Since 2019, a separate SALITOS Premium Tequila is also at the start. In the eye-catching bottle design, you will find the variants Silver & Gold. Served ice-cold, SALITOS products are a must-have in trendy beach bars, trendy dance clubs, nightlife venues or a chill out on a hot summer’s day.

The success story of the cult drink beer meets tequila started already in 1970 in small Mexican cellar bars. In these so-called “Bodegas” the hosts served their guests at sunset an iced beer mixed with South American tequila and a fresh slice of lemon or lime. This recipe for success was also used by the SALITOS brand and offers refreshing drinks for the hot party to celebrate within the best nightlife venues in Europe and best dance bars.

Since the acquisition of the SALITOS Brewing Company by the MBG Group in 2000, the brand has also been available on the German market. And lately, the brand is very active in the best nightclubs and bars in Warsaw and all over Poland. From early 2019 Salitos brand start to collaborate with level 27 club in Warsaw as the house beer brand.

The combination of fruity-sour citrus flavors, spirited tequila notes, and refreshingly light lager beer has become a true export hit. Today, this mix no longer thrills only Mexican guests. In more than 56 countries worldwide, SALITOS is now the guarantor of refreshing drinks with the wow effect par excellence. From classic beer mixes to trendy wine cocktail and premium tequila – something for everyone.