The popular app for VIP nightlife is coming to Warsaw!

Exclusive parties, champagne, and celebrities don’t rhyme with queuing, entrance fees and not being on the guestlist – but the popular VIP club brand with a highly sophisticated app ‘Clubbable‘, is making all of that is but a memory.

Quick and simple

Clubbable works as a platform for guests to connect with promoters and club managers in an instant – a service that has transformed the way we go out by creating accessibility for both customers and venues. Clubbable has a user-focused proposition, instead of a club focused approach – designed with the objective to give the user power to create their unique and best settings for a successful luxury night out.” Says Magnus Ahlin, founder, and creator of Clubbable.

“The app is simple: You select the date you want to go out, choose a preferred venue and invite your friends. From here you have the selection between requesting guest list or booking a VIP table. Booking a VIP table means excellent table service all night long, with everything arranged upon arrival. If you request a guest list, the best promoters in the city can now give you tailored offers, such as the free entrance to the VIP club, free drinks, queue jump, taxi, dinner and much more.”

Take over control

The app was launched in London, 2016 and has since then become the only app people use for VIP nightlife and clubbing. The reason lies in both the accessibility for guests to create their own perfect night out, and also because it gives promoters and clubs an ideal way to source the right crowd in an easy way.

Unlike other apps that simply trying to be a promoter with an app focusing on table bookings only or the ones that attempt some social angle, Clubbable is a marketplace connecting both guest list and VIP table guests with all the best promoters and club managers in the city giving you unique access to places to be without having to know someone, or leaving the ‘control’ for your night out in someone else’s hands.

Create your own guest list

“One of the most exciting new features of the app is that when you book a VIP table, you can then act as a promoter yourself for the night and invite guest lists groups to go in with you. “ Magnus explains. “Some users actually tend to create groups for going out just for fun to see how many offers they get, which can be quite interesting to see. You are by no means committing to doing anything by trying it out. Anyone is free to try it out just to see how #Clubbable you are…”

Clubbable quickly expanded and since its premiere in London, they already launched on Cannes and St Tropez at the French Riviera. Its VIP beach party in Cannes landed the runner up spot on the by the award-winning Huffington Post’s list of “7 Things to do during the Cannes Film Festival and feel like a celebrity”. Last year it was time for the Los Angeles launch party held at movie makes Troy Duffy’s legendary residence.

New features of the Clubbable app developed continuously, and possible collaborations with other companies are always considered. With an intense start, Clubbable strives to launch in all metropolitan cities all over the world. Giving everyone access to discover new places, make new friends and most importantly: experiencing the best VIP nightlife there is!  Now we at Clubbable are happy to announce our partnership with Level 27 in Warsaw streamlining the process of going out for our users at this beautiful VIP club! To find more info about reservation, do not hesitate to contact them here.