Sunday chillout on Warsaw's rooftop

Warsaw in the summer offers many rooftop activities, including concerts, festivals and parties, which allow residents of the capital and tourists to enjoy culture and entertainment outdoors with a beautiful view of the city. One of the venues offering Sunday chillout on Warsaw’s rooftop is level 27, a unique venue that combines a music club and event space, located on the 27th floor in the heart of the city. The venue is open all year round, but it is in the summer that you can best feel its unique atmosphere on the terrace.


Spending a Sunday in the summer on a level 27 rooftop in Warsaw with a glass of perfectly matched drink in hand is a unique experience that combines relaxation, luxury and unforgettable views of Warsaw. The cocktails served at level 27 are as special as the location itself. The menu includes classic cocktails as well as proprietary blends prepared by experienced bartenders. We particularly recommend trying the Pampelle Spritz, Esprit Lemonade and Portofino South Side.


Events held at level 27 have a very special atmosphere and are designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The club’s atmosphere, combined with modern design and a unique view of the city, makes it the perfect place to spend a Sunday evening with friends or on a romantic date. The extraordinary sunsets seen from the 27th floor will be memorable for a long time. What could be more romantic than a Sunday chillout on Warsaw’s rooftop with an orange sky in the background?


Sunday does not have to mean boring at all. Spending time with friends on the roof terrace is an excellent idea. The summer atmosphere encourages you to have as much fun as possible. Sunsets are not all. level 27 regularly organizes cultural events, concerts and dance and music shows, which guarantee an unforgettable experience until late in the evening. Come and see for yourself.

The unusual atmosphere of the place, the music, the company and the unforgettable view – all together create the perfect conditions for relaxing and celebrating summer evenings. Summer is getting closer and closer, we will soon see you at the Sunday chillout on Warsaw’s rooftop!