Roberto Cavalli Vodka at level 27

The Roberto Cavalli brand is undoubtedly known worldwide for its distinctive approach to fashion, which combines elements of glamour, sensuality and bold use of color and pattern. It is synonymous with luxury, extravagance and innovative design. Roberto Cavalli’s portfolio also includes Italy’s first super-premium vodka, which is now available at level 27 – a Polish nightclub.


Roberto Cavalli Vodka is an example of how the world of fashion can merge with other luxury lifestyle sectors, including the liquor industry. This premium Italian vodka is distilled from the finest quality Italian wheat, known from the Emilia-Romagna region, which is a key element of its unique character. The production of Roberto Cavalli vodka is done using traditional distillation methods that ensure its pristine and smooth flavor profile. Roberto Cavalli vodka was launched in the first decade of the 21st century and quickly gained recognition as a premium product, not only among fashion lovers, but also among connoisseurs of high-quality spirits. Thanks to its unique origins and ties to the fashion world, the vodka has become a symbol of luxury and refined taste. Roberto Cavalli vodka has gained international recognition and is now available in many countries around the world, being a popular choice in exclusive bars, clubs and restaurants. From now on, you can taste it in a Warsaw nightclub – level 27.


The design of the bottle, as you would expect from a product associated with a fashion icon, is sophisticated and elegant, often showcasing elements characteristic of the Roberto Cavalli aesthetic, such as animal motifs and exclusive finishes. The bottle not only highlights the luxurious nature of the product, but also makes it a desirable collection piece for design and fashion lovers.


Roberto Cavalli Vodka, is best known for its classic, clear version. It is available at level 27 in three capacities (0.7 l, 1.5 l and 3 l). Special editions are also on the menu: Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition and Roberto Cavalli Mirror Edition, whose bottles are even more impressive. The Roberto Cavalli brand also offers flavored variants that expand the tasting experience. These flavored editions of vodka from Roberto Cavalli combine the high quality of traditional, pure vodka with intriguing and sophisticated flavors. Up to four flavors of Roberto Cavalli vodka are available at level 27: Coconut, Orange, Mango and Pineapple in 1 liter bottles.

Roberto Cavalli vodka is an example of how a brand known for one area can successfully expand into other areas, creating products that reflect its image and values. Over the years, it has become not only a symbol of luxury alcohol, but also an expression of a lifestyle that combines a passion for fashion, design and excellence.

Come to level 27 and explore the Roberto Cavalli vodka collection.