Hï Ibiza, The World’s Best Club 2022

TAO Group was proclaimed Best Nightlife Business Group and the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB) receives the award for Best Collaborative Project in Defense of Nightlife. The Golden Moon Awards Gala also awarded other venues from Colombia, Spain, and Chile and concluded with the performance of DJ Roger Sanchez putting the final touch to the International Nightlife Congress.

Hï Ibiza was proclaimed The World’s Best Club 2022 last night in the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife, Spain, thus revalidating the highest global recognition given to a nightlife venue, which it had already obtained in 2019, the last year that the International Nightlife Association had published this prestigious list and that it has now been republished after the covid 19 pandemic. The award for The World’s Best Club 2022 was awarded last night as part of the 7th Golden Moon Awards Gala and has been picked up by Yann Pissenem, CEO of The Night League, by the world-renowned DJ Roger Sánchez.

The second place is occupied by Omnia Las Vegas and the third position has been awarded to Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel in a list made up of a total of 100 venues from 34 different countries. Among them, Spain has been the country that has managed to place the most venues among the hundred best clubs on the list with 23 establishments, followed by the United States with 20, and in third place has been the United Kingdom, which has contributed 6 clubs. The complete list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2022” can be found on the website of the International Nightlife Association (www.nightlifeinternational.org).

Awards for sustainability, innovation, and defense of nightlife entrepreneurs, clients, and workers in the sector

As for the rest of the Golden Moon Awards, the winners for this edition have been: The Golden Moon Award for the Best Nightlife Innovative Project 2022 has gone to La Pergola Clandestina from Cali (Colombia), a self-sustaining venue that is renewing every fifteen days, a prize that its owner Cesar Correa has collected. The Golden Moon Award for the Most Sustainable Venue 2022, went to La Feria from Santiago (Chile), the first venue in Latam that works 100% with renewable energy and its Communications Manager Ornella Vallana collected the award.

On the other hand, the Golden Moon Award for the Best Collaborative Project in Defense of Nightlife has gone to the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB) for its work in defense of the sector and against binge drinking and illegal parties held during the pandemic, a prize that its President Maurizio Pasca collected. On the other hand, Opium Barcelona has received the award for the Best Act of Excellence and Protection of Client and Worker Safety for the implementation of the Triple Excellence in Nightlife that incorporates measures to protect customer safety and worker health, an award received by one of its owners, Javier Bordas

In regards to the Golden Moon Award for the Best Residency, it was awarded to the famous ANTS party, on its tenth anniversary, a party organized by The Night League, an award that was collected by Yann Pisennen, CEO of The Night League (pictured below) and, finally, the Golden Moon Award for the Best Nightlife Business Group in the world went to the TAO Group of Las Vegas (USA), an award that was collected by the American DJ Roger Sanchez on behalf of TAO Group.

The performance of the international DJ Roger Sanchez brought the Gala and the International Nightlife Congress to an end

The Golden Moon Awards Gala culminated with a performance by international DJ Roger Sanchez, a performance that put the finishing touch to the awards ceremony and International Nightlife Congress organized by the International Nightlife AssociationSpain Nightlife, and the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals of the South of Tenerife (CEST) on November 30. These events, in which nearly three hundred people gathered, brought together the main leaders of the sector worldwide, as well as representatives of public administrations and business associations, who exchanged experiences and shared work formulas in the different round tables and presentations held.

level 27 Warsaw, as the leading venue in the Polish nightlife industry, was entered into the list of World’s 100 Best Clubs 2022 at 66th place.