Rules of Level27 Club and Door Policy:

  1. Participants in the events organized by the Club LEVEL27 are required to familiarize themselves with these rules. Buying a ticket, make a reservation and entrance to the club is tantamount to its acceptance.
  2. In order to provide guests with Club security and comfort play, LEVEL27 Club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who their appearance, dress or behavior does not tell the standards presented by the Club. This also applies to persons placed on a special written guests lists or holding public invitation / card V.I.P. or with advance booking of seats in the Club.
  3. About the entry people into the club decides door policy. Security guards and door policy have the right to refuse entry to the Club for any reason.
  4. Into the club will not be allowed persons under 21 years of age, having no identity card, a person under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants and dressed inappropriately in relation to the status of the event. Door policy or security guard has the right to check an ID guest of the Club in order to establish his identity and verifying his age. The club reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit.
  5. Priority admission to the premises belongs to club members with VIP and other Club LEVEL27 cards.
  6. For safety reasons, the security staff of the Club have the right to refuse entry to the premises where the number of people in the club, exceeds the maximum permissible number of persons that may be in place.
  7. Persons who are in the club are obliged to comply with the recommendations of the Club staff and security, to ensure safety and order.
  8. It is forbidden to bring into the club any food, beverages, alcohol, drugs, firearms and gas, knives and other sharp objects, as well as pyrotechnic materials and fire hazard and other objects that may pose a risk to the health or life of Club guests.
  9. A security guard has the right to view the contents of bags, backpacks and clothing in case of suspicion that they bring or possess items referred to in point. 8 of the Rules. In case of refusal to submit to the above-mentioned control, the Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the Club.
  10. Persons behaving aggressively or posing a direct threat to the other guests of the Club, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs and their actions violate the rules of the Club will be sought, with the premises.
  11. In the case of a drastic violation of the rules of the Club, the security staff have the right to use the law provided immediate measures to ensure the safety of the Club.
  12. In the case of causing damage in the Club, misconduct or inappropriate behavior, security staff have the right to capture the perpetrator and immediately pass into the hands of the police. For damage caused in the Club corresponds to the perpetrator of the destruction, or the person responsible for him.
  13. The club is not responsible for the events of the misfortune that may occur during the event, such as fire, evacuation ordered by the services of the police and fire brigade, disaster, bomb alarm and will not be obliged to return the money for tickets or compensation for other claims of non-operation or interrupt the event of the above-mentioned reasons.
  14. Club LEVEL27 is non-smoking, with the exception of specially marked and suitable places for smokers - Observation Terrace LEVEL27. People in such places, voluntarily agree to stay in a smoky place. Club Guests acknowledges that it can be exposed to constant being in the zone intensity sound can cause hearing damage.
  15. The Club reserves the right to cancellation of the event for any reason. In such a case shall be entitled to a refund for previously purchased tickets and paid seats. Cancellation of the event does not entitle to any other claims.
  16. Club staff has the right to refuse to give intoxicated person alcohol.
  17. Closing Time is determined according to the circumstances by the Club Manager LEVEL27.
  18. The Company is not responsible for items left or lost in the Club LEVEL27.


  1. Lost or destroyed number club charge for 50 zł.
  2. The club does not deposit valuables in the locker room and do not take the same responsibility for the left in the cloakroom valuables, documents, electronic equipment, credit cards, etc.
  3. In the case of a lost number, things will be issued after the event or at a different time.
  4. The items left in the Club, the Club does not claim responsibility.
  5. Left things in the cloakroom are stock for 7 days.
  6. The club is responsible for the clothing left behind in the cloakroom and lost by the fault of the Club to the amount of 300 zł.
  7. The customer leaving things in the cloakroom accepts the rules.
    People taking part in the event at the Club LEVEL27 give consent to distribute their image, recorded during the events organized by the Club for marketing purposes. Consent granted for an indefinite period and without territorial restrictions. The agreement covers the distribution of the image by third parties within the broadcasting and public performance of marketing materials, reports and information on events.