Golden Moon Awards ceremony

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Inspired by Joan Miró’s renowned sculpture Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird), the Golden Moon Awards set to take place on November 27th in Barcelona will showcase innovative statuettes designed by famed sculptor José Piñero. Featuring a moon atop a cylinder, the awards are a visual embodiment of the creative spirit of Barcelona.

The annual spectacle

The annual Golden Moon Awards gala, a major event of the International Nightlife Congress, bestows honours on various entities and individuals with strong ties to the Barcelona Nightlife Awards 2023. The event will take place in Barcelona, Spain on October 10, 2023.

This year’s Golden Moon Awards statuettes are a departure from past designs, embodying the innovative energy of Barcelona, the host city of this year’s International Nightlife Gala. The statuettes, modelled after the work of Joan Miró, a prominent painter and sculptor, are designed by José Piñero. Award recipients will receive these unique statuettes, which feature a moon on a cylinder, a nod to the pinnacle of Joan Miró’s sculpture Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird). According to the congress organizers, the statuettes embody the “innovative and creative nature of the city of Barcelona.”

Reflecting Barcelona’s artistic heritage

The International Nightlife Association aimed to make this year’s awards feel more representative of Barcelona, drawing inspiration from Joan Miró, a master of artistic expression and a pioneer of surrealism. Miró’s work, filled with vibrant colours and organic forms, perfectly encapsulates the vitality and creativity of Barcelona. Joaquim Boadas, secretary general of Fecasarm, Spain Nightlife and the International Nightlife Association, said, “Just as Miró captured his own universe and the power of imagination in his work, our Barcelona Nightlife Awards 2023 capture the innovative spirit and diversity of Barcelona’s nightlife”.

José Piñero, a renowned sculptor, is celebrated for his work creating sculptures related to restaurants and cocktails, and Forbes magazine has hailed him as one of the most creative Spaniards in the business world.

The grand ceremony

The gala will commence at 8.00pm, revealing the clubs featured on the esteemed list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” 2023, along with this year’s recipient of the Golden Moon for the World’s Best Club. A total of 373 venues from 65 countries have been nominated. Public voting for the venues is open until October 25.

Following the awards ceremony at the luxurious 5-star Sofitel Barcelona Skipper Hotel, an opulent dinner party will take place at Shôko Barcelona, a top contender on last year’s “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” list.

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Award categories

This event in Barcelona will see the presentation of the 10 prestigious Golden Moon Awards, coinciding with the Michelin Star Gala.

Apart from the esteemed Golden Moon for World’s Best Nightlife Venue, nine additional awards will be given in various categories. These include Festival of the Year, Best Collaborative Safety Project, Best Event of 2023, Best Act of Excellence and Customer and Employee Protection, Best Innovative Project, World’s Best Business Group, Most Sustainable Nightlife Venue, DJ of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of 2023.

The awards ceremony, which honours the most exceptional individuals and organizations in the global nightlife industry, will align with the distribution of Michelin Stars the following day, also in Barcelona. This places Barcelona at the forefront of world-class gastronomy and nightlife within the same week, and the Barcelona Nightlife Awards 2023 will be accompanied by two safety and security-focused congresses.

Safety and fire prevention focus

The 9th International Nightlife Congress and the 4th Spanish Nightlife Congress will take place concurrently with the awards on November 27th and 28th. They will focus on a critical aspect of the industry’s current agenda: safety and fire prevention. This is a cause championed by the Spain Nightlife and International Nightlife business associations, demonstrating a firm commitment to the safety of patrons and staff.

The congress will also examine the implementation of measures to combat sexual violence, the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, and the role of women in nightlife. These topics will be central to the discussions at these well-established gatherings. Professionals from the global leisure industry can now register on the International Nightlife Association website.

Level 27’s initiative

Level 27 rooftop nightclub based in Warsaw, Poland, is a Gold Member of Nightlife International. Level 27 Warsaw nightclub making efforts together with the Nightlife International association to prevent sexual harassment in the nightclubs in Poland. In addition, working to improve the nightlife scene in Poland and promote safety and quality service in the industry.

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