Christmas events in Warsaw

Every year, corporate Christmas meetings become more and more popular. Such events bring many benefits for employees and the company.

First, it is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and integrate the team. For companies, December is a month full of summaries and preparation of plans for the future. A Christmas event is
the perfect moment to thank employees for their hard work and to show how important they are to the company.


Companies have a difficult task when planning a corporate event in Warsaw. The huge selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs can be overwhelming. It is worth checking the opinions and choosing a place with attractive decor and professional service. The level 27 club fits this description perfectly, and its additional advantage is a breathtaking view of the Warsaw skyline from the 27th floor of a skyscraper.


When you organize a corporate Christmas event, you should remember to provide your guests with various attractions. A magician’s performance, a live concert, a knowledge quiz, or maybe a group creation
of gingerbread houses or making dumplings? level 27 will take care of the entire event, and thanks to the rich entertainment program, employees will no longer treat going to a business Christmas party as a chore. Properly selected attractions will diversify the event and stimulate creativity and efficiency among the team.

To sum up, a company Christmas Eve is undoubtedly quite a challenge, which level 27 will undertake with pleasure and commitment. For details about the Christmas offer, please contact event department by e-mail: