Best rooftop bars in Europe

Europe can be breathtaking, with its sights such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Roman coliseum, but when it comes to sheer elegance, nothing beats dining and drinking at a rooftop bar. The sheer stunning views of dining in a high floor restaurant with a terrace view of the lights of the city center, whether it be in London, Paris or Warsaw can be moments etched in your memory for months at a time.

Not only can you enjoy the view, but rooftop bars offer you a fantastic platform with which to test your night photo shooting talent.

Here is a list of some of the most stunning high floor bars and restaurants in Europe.

1. The Queen of Huxton – London

Located on Curtain Road, the Queen of Huxton offers a breathtaking landscape, high above the city center of central London. Perfect for an open sky party, or couples photo shooting,

The Queen of Huxton offers a casual environment for Londoners and tourists wanting to enjoy stunning views, outdoor films, music, and dancing as well as eating from the grill, and party-goers, with a small reservation deposit, can easily book parties under the stars for 20 or more people.

2. Terrace Bramante Bar at Hotel Raphael – Rome

Whether day or night, the Terrace Bramante Bar allows you to view the landscape of the Vatican and the Piazza Navona below. Enjoy an expresso or a cocktail and enjoy the view as the world goes buzzing bye.

3. level 27 – Warsaw, Poland

Voted one of the top sky bars in the world by the International Nightlife Association, level 27 is a two-story, partly open bar/nightclub atop one of Warsaw’s highest buildings.

Another great place to throw group parties under the stars level 27 is a full-service bar/restaurant/disco with VIP table service as well. And the nighttime views of downtown Warsaw are stunning.

4. The Ninth, Hard Rock Hotel – Ibiza, Spain

Befitting its reputation as Europe’s playground, the Ninth offers views which have been described as “mindblowing.”

Another great place to host an open sky party, the Ninth, serves fantastic Japanese Food, has music at night, and the local views are praised by manyNüba travelers who wish they’d allocated more time to visit.

5. Deck 5 – Berlin

Deck 5 is a rather unique bar that combines the elements of a high-in-the-sky bar with a sandy beach, right in the middle of Berlin. Also decorated with Palm Trees and Buddhas.

Offering deck chairs, two bars, and great sunset views, Deck 5 is located atop a parking garage in a shopping center at Schönhauser Allee 79, Deck 5 also serves as a Christmas Bizzare during the holiday season.

6. Nüba – Paris

Nüba is all about good music and happy vibes with a wooden beach deck, DJ booth, big communal tables, football sets and deckchairs setting the tone.

Nuba is a place for Parisians and tourists to chill, dance a little and just relax with some alcoholic beverages.

Located at 36 Quai D Austerlitz, Nuba attracts a crowd that can be described as The a mix of hipsters, Parisians and people in the age range between 25-35. The place is stylish and roomy, but if you come with a large group, plan on coming early if you want a table.

Rooftop bars everywhere

This is just a list of our favorites. In virtually every country in Europe, you can find great, top-of-the-city bars. Some are more open to tourists, while others are prized enclaves for the locals. But all of them offer a get-away from the humdrum of the city below.